I yam back!ย ๐Ÿ™‚ And, I hope to be regular till the end of the series.

Let me recommence this series with one of my favorite romantic songs ever. Mun paniya from Nanda. I am actually not a big fan of Bala’s films. I even like light tragedies but not of his intense kind.

However, the music in his films are generally awesome. What I’ve noticed is that his films generally have one evergreen number that can stand the testย ofย time. Mun paniya is one such.

Everything is beautiful about this song. Yuvan’s achingly awesome music. SPB’s voice that brings pain and romance at the same time. The completely contrasting Malgudi Subha’s little interludes. Those cute romantic scenesย between handsome Surya and cute Laila (thankfully she doesn’tย talk shout!) And finally, the winner of it all – the lyrics by Pazhani Bharathi.

En idhayathai,
En idhayathai vazhiyil,
Engaeyo marandhu tholaithu vitten,
Un vizhiyinil,
Un vizhiyinil adhanai,
Ippodhu kandupidithu vitten,
Idhu varai enakkillai mugavarigal,
Adhai naan kandaen un punnagaiyil,
Vaazhgiren naan un moochilE…

Why is this man not writing more?

Enjoy. Peace Out.