Last night I woke up in the middle of the night and instinctively started humming this song. I must’ve listened to this song only a couple of times or so and was surprised how it has stuck on.

Kannamma from Ko 2. I really like how the song starts like a pathos and slowly gathers momentum and turns peppy. Inno Ganga’s voice is new and fresh (it’s a little like Arijit Singh, no?) except it jars a little when he sings kanamma instead of kaNNamma! But all that is made up when Chinmayee starts ‘un oru paarvai pala vaarthai solla’… heaven descends on you. I mean how much more sweeter can someone’s voice get?!

The entire Ko 2 album seems really nice. Leon James. One more talented new kid on the block. Yay because the more the merrier!