Long time, no Raja saar no?

I was on my walk this morning when this song played from my earphones which made me wonder why it has not been featured here yet. Ore naal unai naan from Ilamai oonjalaadugiradhu.

The best thing about this song are the beautifully orchestrated interludes. No wait.. It is actually SPB and Vani Jayaram’s sweet vocals. No no.. It must be Vaali’s lyrics –

Nenjathil PErezhuthi Kannukkul Naan PadithEn
Nenjathil PErezhuthi Kannukkul Naan PadithEn
Karpanaigalil Sugam Sugam Kandadhenavo Nitham Nitham
Mazhai Nee Nilam Naan Mayakam Enna

Actually, it’s a combination of all this.

I feel the beginning portions and the interludes belong to different songs but then Raja has woven them together seamlessly and how he does it is just beyond human comprehension. Magic it is.

Enjoy. Peace.