We are having Superstar-Raja combo song for the second day in a row now. I think this has to be one of the most romantic songs ever of Thalaivar.

Aala pol vela pol from Ejaman. The songs begins with Chitra’s mesmerizing voice and suddenly to answer her request, SPB starts to sing…

‘Kothu manjal dhaan arachi nithamum neeraada sollu
Meenatchi kungumatha nethiyila sooda sollu’

and you just have no option but to swoon. What.A.Voice!

Then, you have Ilayaraja’s magical interludes. Sigh. The dialogue format of the lyrics adds to the charm. Is it Vaali or RV Udayakumar, anyone?

The visuals. This was the period when Superstar looked his stylish best, even in a simple veshti!

Enjoy. Peace.