One of my most favorite Raja songs today. (Oh.. I say that every day!) Nilavu thoongum neram from Kunguma chimizh.

The harmonica (mouth organ) introduction is enough to take you to heaven. And, then the flute parts in the first interlude.. sigh. Anyone could’ve sung this song with whatever lyrics and this song would still remain the same ‘cos Raja’s instrumentation. But no.. we need SPB’s romantic voice to elevate this song further. And, Gangai Amaran’s Β (this person surprises me sometimes!) lyrics..

Naangu kannil indru oru kaatchiyaanadhe
Vaanam kaatru bhoomi ivai saatchiyaanadhe

Someone must do a thesis on why Raja reserved all his best songs for Mohan (and Ramarajan, of course!)

Enjoy. Peace.