So cliched and all that but HOW CAN IT BE DECEMBER ALREADY? Time just whizzed past us like a rocket this year; wait, make that every year. Sigh.

And hey, if it is December, then it means that it is that time of the year when we get ready for our annual ritual. **Drumrolls** BLOGATHON! I am sure you’d have read Tharani’s post about her wanting company for the blogging marathon. When a new mother asks for something, isn’t it our collective responsibility to fulfill her wish?! Also, it’s her birthday today and it makes it all the more important to give her what she asked for, no? Happy happy birthday, Tharani! Wish you only happiness and nothing else! 🙂

I know this writing-through-the-month is such a scary prospect but then, it is also one of those times when all our long-lost bloggers come together, dust our blogs and just have fun. So yes.. whoever is reading this blog, it would be really really great if you can join in.

I am copy pasting the rules from my 2014 post here –

1. A post should be written every day in the month of January 2016. That is, from Jan 1 to Jan 31, 2016.
2. Picture posts are allowed too.
3. In case you have 2 blogs, you can post in either of them.
4. Prompts for every day have been provided in this 2014 post. You can either use these prompts to write posts or you can post on your own. A combination should also work. Anything to get us post through the month! **smiles**

As of now, the below is the list of bloggers who have confirmed participation. I will keep updating this post as and when someone expresses interest to do this. Please do spread the word/share this post about the blogging marathon. The more the participation, the merrier the New Year will be! 🙂

1. Maya – Maya..The eternal dreamer – https://dreamymommy.wordpress.com/
2. Tharani – Onarollercoasterride.. Ups and Downs of My life – http://onarollercoasterride.wordpress.com/
3. BM – Bingo’s Mom – http://momsince27.wordpress.com/
4. Revs – Rev’s Aaroha – http://revsaaroha.wordpress.com/
5. SS – Summer Script – http://summerscript.wordpress.com/
6. Greenboochi – From the editions of greenboochi.. reflection of my life – http://editionsofgreenboochi.wordpress.com/
7. SriVidhya – Vidhya’s Vegetarian Kitchen – http://www.vidhyashomecooking.com/
8. Ani – Between me and my littles – https://anisnest.wordpress.com/
9. Freaky Veggie – Just bliss and a little more – https://justblissandlittlemore.wordpress.com/
10. Prachee – Happiness cannot be owned.. share to feel it – https://admiringlifedaybyday.wordpress.com/
11. MTW – mylifenthoughts – https://mylifenthoughts.wordpress.com/
12. J0 – Memorobilia – https://readingthroughmymind.wordpress.com/
13. Celestial Rays – Speech is Silver, Typing is Golden – https://celestialrays.wordpress.com/
14. Pop – Pop Goes The Biscuit – https://popgoesthebiscuit.wordpress.com/
15. Ramya – Sweet Mixture – http://sweeetmixture.blogspot.com/
16. Boomerang – Boomeranged memories – https://boomerangedmemories.wordpress.com
17. RS – lifeslittletwists – https://lifeslittletwists.wordpress.com/
18. Kavita – KavisTake – http://kavisthoughts.blogspot.in/ and https://foodaterian.wordpress.com/
19. pattubaby06 – Chill with Sri – https://chillwithsri.wordpress.com/
20. Pins & Ashes – Pins & Ashes – https://vaayadipennu.wordpress.com/
21. Sweety – Little Voids – https://littlevoids.wordpress.com/
22. watermark17 – Living Out Loud – https://alanagabo.wordpress.com/
23. DI – And that’s what it’s all about – https://foreverinbluejeans.wordpress.com/
24. Sj – sjscribbles – https://sjscribbles.wordpress.com/
25. Sowmya – The little red writing pen – https://littleredwritingpen.wordpress.com/
26. Living Soul – LIFEJUSTSTARTEDBLOG – https://lifejuststartedblog.wordpress.com/
27. Pepper – A dash of Pepper – https://pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com/
28. Smitha – Any excuse to write – https://wordsndreamz.wordpress.com/
29. Paatiamma – Paatiamma – https://paatiamma.wordpress.com/
30. wishesgalore – https://wishesgalore.blogspot.com/
31. aarya – She speaks a little too much – https://keepcalmandjustwrite.wordpress.com/
32. Sushma – the beat in my heart – https://beatinmyheart.wordpress.com/
33. Lavender – My corner of the world – https://lemonandlavendersblog.wordpress.com/
34. S – To Blog, With Love – http://www.toblog-withlove.blogspot.com/
35. Anandita – the happy and good – http://thehappyandgood.blogspot.ca/

If you wish to join in or I’ve inadvertently left out your name from the list (sorry!), please drop in comment to this post expressing your interest and I shall update the list here accordingly. You can also email me at mommydreamy@gmail.com and I can add you into this gig.