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I went back to reading my 2014 introspective posts and I realized that I had set some specific goals for myself. Yes yes.. I figured out I had set goals for 2015 just when 2015 was about to end. I am sharp like that!

Fitness. As far as fitness is concerned, 2015 was a massive big fail. I gained all the weight and more I lost in 2014. The first half of 2015 was spent in confusion which meant I was binge eating to combat the depressive state. The second half was in a newer country where we were exploring and reigniting our past food preferences. Every weekend was spent eating outside. (Yes Revs.. I can see you smirking already! :|) Italian. (Olive Garden – Insert heart in the eyes icon) Mexican (Chipotle – Insert a few dozens of heart in the eyes icon) Mediterranean. Sushi. American. North Indian. South Indian. It was way too late before I realized I was becoming the ‘oorina uluthamparuppu’ I was pre-2014. I wasn’t big on exercise too. A few days I did the walking routine but then, cold weather or some such excuse made sure I became this couch potato I never wished to be.

This year I just want to set myself the same goals I had for 2015. Try to get back to my 2014 weight at least. Eat healthy and eat every 2 hours. Work out and start serious running. Actually, my biggest target for 2016 is going to be to start running. By the end of the year, I want to run at least one full marathon. It does appear daunting. Very very daunting. But, I really wish to persevere. Because, I don’t want it to be too late before I start taking care of myself.

Food and cooking. I wanted to eat a variety of food. I did eat so many different cuisines but most of them was outside in restaurants. I did start off well in cooking a few things at home but then somehow I got caught up with err being lazy.

However, I can now whip up a decent Mexican meal at home.

I did try making pizzas a couple of times but it stopped with that. Why, do not ask!

And then, baked a little –

And souped a little too –

In 2016, I want to venture into the elusive bread-making territory. And also, learn to properly frost cakes. And cook some good variety of food at home. Basically, the goal is to stop being lazy.

Books and reading. I had a target of finishing 40 books in 2015 and this is one place where I met my numbers. Well, almost. I am half a book short of forty but let’s not talk about that now, okay! 😉 But I realized one thing with this challenge. That the quantity of books you read doesn’t really satiate your reading pangs if the quality of the books are not that you desire. I read so much chicklit last year and not much variety as I intended it to be. So for 2016, my challenge would be to read the same number of books as last year but with more variety. Say goodbye to chicklit in 2016.

Well, apart from these, I have one more big and important goal that I want to meet within the first two months of 2016. Learn to drive the car properly and get a driving license. This is something I really really want to happen and I want to come back here with a success story post by February. Wish me luck, please.