Tharani in this post had written about how bad her first day of this year was. And here I am giving her company!

It was all going well until afternoon. I had nothing much to do except some rajma and jeera rice and so thought why not do something more. Like, grinding idli batter because the idli-man of the family wanted cheese dosa that he had eaten here in Saravana Bhavan. Because we aren’t too big on idli-dosas and do not want to invest in a grinder yet, I still use my mixer to grind idli batter. So, I divided the rice-rava into two batches and started grinding. But.. Before the first batch was done, the mixer conks off. Yay number one.

I unlock my phone to look for solutions to repair the damaged mixer. The phone switches off. I charge it again and switch it on. It switches off again. I wait it out for some time. Lakshmiiii onnnnnnn. Switch off. After a point, I think it got frustrated with me trying to make it dance to my tunes. It started behaving like Chitti version 2.0. It started switching on on its own and switching off on its own; even without me touching it. Finally by the end of the day I had to give up on my one-and-half-year-soul-mate and bid adieu to it. Slowly but reluctantly, I whispered in its ear (ok.. make that speaker!) ‘Come on Chitti.. Dismantle yourself’. Yay number two.

Over the last four months, my hair has been falling like crazy. Every time the husband vacuum cleaned the house, there was nothing but my hair on all of the carpet. (I do not wish to talk about the half-sottai that I am right now, ok. **sobs uncontrollably**) Finally, I decided enough was enough and decided to cut my hair cos at least that way we’d have a hair-free home. I checked that the parlour was open and get dropped there by the husband. I go in and tadaaa.. the lady who cuts the hair is on a New Year’s off. And having sent the husband and the car back home, I walk back in the 5 degree weather reluctantly like a penguin and panting all the way. Yay number three.

Well.. That was my New Year’s day. But we don’t like ‘soga’ endings to our stories, do we?

While I was crying about not just the mixer that conked off but the soaked and smelly urad dal-idli rava, the husband’s friend calls. Being the perennial polambal case that I am, I crib about the mixer. ‘Oh.. It must be because of overload. Just turn it upside down and press the red button underneath and it should work.’ Tadaa.. What a medical miracle. It starts working. Polambal nalladhu! Real yay number one.

The phone. My nexus 4. There was no medical miracle in store for it. But, there’s Frys, a debit card and the husband. And now I have a brand new Huawei Mate 2. Real yay number two.

You do know what real yay number three would be, don’t you? Yes yes.. I did go to the parlour the next day and chopped off my hair.

Hah.. Take that January first. **shows kokku** Po da.. Andha Andavane namma pakkam irukkan! 😀