We are browsing through online shopping websites and wondering what gift to ask Santa for Christmas. One wants game shoes and the other some fancy boots which all costs a fortune. Seeing the creases on my forehead, son asks –

‘Ma. Why are you worried if it is expensive? It’s only Santa who’s gonna get the gift right?’

How long before I tell him Santa is not real?


The husband is reading Ramayana to the kids – ‘So Rama, Lakshmana and Sita reach the Dandanaka vana!’

This TR. Total damage. Sigh.


We are trying to get the difference between fiction and non-fiction.

Ma. What is fiction?
Something that is not real. Like Frozen.
But Elsa IS real, ma.
Mmm ok then like Star Wars.
Oh ma. Come on. Star Wars IS real too!

So there. There’s NOTHING called fiction, okay. EVERYTHING is REAL.


The kids are getting ready for a field trip the next day. I am trying to make them memorize my phone number just in case. Ammu as usual sweetly obliges. But our man.. hmph.

Listen Kuttan. ‘Cos it’s your field trip, it’s important you know my phone number. Just in case you get lost or something it will be of immense help.
Ma, but I’ve got another brilliant idea. Instead of putting so much effort in mugging up 10 digits, will it not be easier if you write it down on a piece of paper & slip it in my pocket?

Move aside, Indian politicians.. Our man is on his way to the top!


We are talking about the human brain.

Brain has 3 parts. Cerebrum, cerebellum and medulla oblongata.
Ma.. You were talking in English only no? Why are you suddenly changing to Tamil?



Ma.. Why is my sister not normal?
What? Why?
How can a normal person like broccoli, ma? Just how?

I don’t think I am normal enough to counter that!


Ma.. If God created us, then who created God?
Hey.. I am planning to make pizza for dinner. What toppings would you prefer?

**builds a temple honoring ‘pizza’ for (temporarily) providing some respite from a difficult question**