Today, there will be my new discoveries. Old songs that are new to me. New to songs that are new to me. All songs that are new to me and that awed me will be here today.

First is my recent addiction. Hello by Adele. I discovered a bit of Adele after Skyfall. That range in her voice really fascinated me. Now, again with Hello it gives me goosebumps every time she goes ‘Hello from the other side; I must have called a thousand times’. Such simple words but what powerful vocals.

Next is Idarinum from Tharai  Thappattai. Like always, the one song that stands out from all the others in a Bala film. Sharreth’s rendition is so flawless it makes you cry every time you listen to it. It seems even he was overwhelmed after rendering this song. Raja saar _/\_. What else is there to say?!

Blank Space by Taylor Swift. I got introduced to Taylor Swift with her Love Story but it is her Blank Space that I love. The lyrics are funny laced with satire. The tune is catchy and so the kids hum it too, erm not quite knowing the meaning of the lyrics.

This song comes a tad late in this blog. But better late than never. Thangame from Nanum Rowdy dhan. I know I know.. This is the third song I am posting from this album. (I have one more to go! ;)) The guitar beginning is awesome but it is the violin interludes that steals the show. What a beauty that! Hmph. This is to show on record that I am praising Anirudh for the second time in this blog. Whattay sathiya sodhanai this! 😐

And the last is the latest rage. Thalli Pogadhey from Acham Enbadhu Madamaiyada. ARR – GVM combo means kekkava venum? Again the same gospel/blues kind of song only for Sid Sriram but is still sounds really nice. Probably, the ARR tag makes it sound nice. Whatever!

So, how’s your music scene this Monday?