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I know this blog is becoming way too narcissistic for my liking but then posting thirty one days on the trot means what else to do?! 😐 So here goes my list of quirks or weirdities (aah. Looks like I just made up that word. Heh.) or OCDs, however you wish to call them.

There is a way in which I want the tabs on my Google Chrome arranged. Feedly first. Then, Tweetdeck. If I am using WhatsApp web, that will be the next tab. Then, Gmail. Then, others. I don’t even mind the Gmail tab being altered but Feedly has to be first and then, it has to be Tweetdeck.

I cannot for the life of me have any unread mails at least in the Primary inbox of Gmail. Similarly, I can never let any notifications sit untouched with a ‘red’ number blinking above it on FaceBook or Twitter. Any notification has to be read as soon as I see it. (Although I might delay replying to it/accepting requests etc. Shhhh!)

I have to squeeze the tooth paste from the bottom of the tube to the top all the time. Unfortunately, neither the kids nor the husband thinks likewise. So, everyday I spend an extra three minutes in the bathroom unsqueezing the top portions and evening out the bottom.. only to come back the next day and do the same chore.

I have this annoying habit of switching off the lights and fans that are not being used. I know it is a good habit until I do at my home. But even when I am out at others’ places, if there is a light or fan that is switched on unnecessarily, my concentration will be completely on it rather than on anything else.

While I wear my contact lenses, I have to wear my left lens first and then my right. If I do it the other way, I will feel something amiss and redo the entire thing again.

I never put any books that I read on the ‘currently reading’ shelf of GoodReads while I am reading it. If I do it, for some reason or the other, that book never gets read fully. So only while I am about to finish a book will I put the book’s name in the ‘currently reading’ shelf in GR.

I don’t wear any jewelry except a thali and earrings. I can even step out without the thali but not my earrings. My earrings are like kavacha kundalam. It’s like I’ll die if not for it.

These are the quirks that I come to my mind right now. There ought to be more. I am **that** quirky. May be, I’ll do a part 2 sometime later. I am sure I’ll run out of topics to write but then, my list of quirks never quite end. Hmph.