… is one of the toughest challenges we all face in life. The fact that you are solely responsible for the life and choices of another human being(s) makes it all the more important that your decisions are right. Yet, there are so many times we second-guess our decisions and ask the ‘what-if’ questions. Worry becomes our middle name. Sometimes, we worry if we are worrying enough. Well, that could only be me, may be. This parenting is a tight rope walk.

Today, I am sitting here and wondering if my kids will grow up to appreciate and understand the decisions and choices that we’ve made for them.

This morning, I learnt a good parenting lesson from this article. (Sangi shared it on her FB wall and if it is Sangi, you read it. That’s the norm. She has this knack of writing/sharing posts at the perfect time always putting my life, importantly the parenting skills, back in perspective.) Here’s the video link.

For me, today, when I am battling an inner struggle about raising two completely different children born at the same time, this couldn’t have come at a better time. I hope you find it useful too.