.. because how can I not do a random post during a blogathon! 🙂

– We watched Chak De India a couple of days ago with the kids. In the movie, when there was this match between the girls and the boys team, the son and daughter were so vociferous in supporting their respective genders. Heh. They were all so ‘Mera Bharat Mahaan’ and ‘Yes.. You can do it!’ for a while. But only up to the scene where India loses to Australia. Once India lost to Australia, son goes ‘but ma.. Australia is a beautiful country. I love Australia!’ Yeah, right.

– Today, after a long time, I have eaten healthy, till lunch that is. Guac and toast for breakfast. I had a vanilla yogurt in between. And I just had sauteed mushrooms and quarter cup rice (brown rice, okay!) and some palak raita for lunch. The best thing was I didn’t wake up to coffee. I ate a banana and then made my coffee. I just hope I continue with this through the day. AntiJinx and all that.

– So I went ahead and put on hold two new books in the library. The Accidental Family by Rowan Coleman and the Rosie Project by Greame Simsion. I did pick up my Kindle to read the half-read ones but then, I began reading my favorite portions from Those Pricey Thakur Girls for the millionth time again and had to resort to new paper books. I know.. I am incorrigible. Sigh.

– I watched Thani Oruvan a few weeks ago after a lot of prodding and mocking from the brother. I liked it (except for the crude portions of killing the friend that comes in between!) Arvind Swamy was super and all that. While I was wondering how Raja did such a film, then I realized that the story was by SuBa. Tcha. Also, in one scene where Ravi says, ‘Naa Abimanyu voice la pesi, avangala confuse panren’, I couldn’t control my laughter. But then, I do like Ravi okay, except for his voice, of course! 😛

– Yesterday while I took Uber to pick up my kids from school, the driver was this Pakistani guy from Peshawar. He was talking non-stop for the fifteen minutes it took to go and come back from school and I realized how much we had in common. Every time I take the Uber and the driver speaks as much as I do, it makes me happy. One day, a girl from Peru was talking about how Machu Pichu is the only known spark in people’s eyes about Peru. One other day, one old Paati was assuring me that driving is not at all tough. Some other day, a cute guy told a shocked me that he knows about Chennai and the various languages spoken in India. One day, an Afro-American guy told me how his Indian girlfriend’s family rejected him because he was black. Sigh. Thanks to my non-driving skills, I listen to so many stories and learn so much.

– There’s this one coach in the kids’ gymnastic class. A young girl who must be in her twenties. Every time we have a class, I would pray that Ammu doesn’t get to train under her. Simply because I find her attitude racist. Racist might be a strong word to use but I find her attitude sick. She doesn’t even care about the Indian or Mexican children. But with the white kids, she is a totally different person; all the while cuddling them and patronizing them with a permanent smile on her face. We are in the twenty first century and yet, even young people tend to look at colour. Hmph.

– Because I didn’t put up any songs this Monday, I will do it today. Only one, okay. I’ve been humming it from the time I heard it and cannot get over it. Yei Sandakara from Irudhi Suttru. Santhosh is Santhosh wonly. That’s all yuvar honor.