Another year. Another blogathon. And another ending.

It’s the same story every year for me. In the beginning, I am very apprehensive about getting into this month long gig. Once into it, I crib about posting everyday. And when it ends, it usually is bittersweet. A relief followed by a longing. Am I glad it is over? Hell, yeah. Will I be missing the madness in the coming days? Well.. A big yes for that too!

This is the first blogathon that I didn’t quite apply myself into as much as I wanted to. I generally like writing days in advance, reading through it many times and reiterating to myself that it is okay before publishing it. This year, most of my posts were spontaneous. Some made sense; most didn’t. I wish I articulated the things that I wanted to in a more meaningful way. I also wish I was able to put in words all those things that I had in mind planned for the marathon. But, beyond this, I am really really happy I pulled through this thirty one days. Given the state I was in, I didn’t think I would. So yay for that!

All those who participated in this blogathon, a big big thank you. It was because of you all that this one month was super fun. I might not have commented on many posts, but I read through them diligently and learnt a lot from them. I made some new friends, thanks to this blogathon.  I only hope we keep writing and updating our blogs regardless of the blogathon. Once again, thank you for participating and hope to see you again, next year!