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Thank you for all your good wishes in the previous post. Because I made a lot of you cry with that post, I thought I have to share this with you.

Remember I spoke about a Friday I’d never forget in my life? Well, another Friday got added to the list (in a much nicer way, though!) Today. April 1, 2016. Today Ammu received the Star Student for the last nine week grading period. Yes, she jumped eight levels in reading from the beginning of the year and five levels in the last two months. Reading doesn’t look all that scary now! Yay!



(The first one is Ammu’s and the second is Kuttan’s.)

Ammu has again taught her perennially skeptic mom another life lesson – if you put your heart and soul into something, there’s just absolutely no chance of you failing at it. One day, some day, the reward is bound come to you!