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A couple of weeks ago, I was at my kids’ school for a fairy tale ball. It was during working hours and almost all the parents were women. In other words, mothers.

There was a small area where the kids made wands with pretzel sticks, cake icing and sprinkles. I was around supervising my daughter from having a second helping of the icing. That’s when I heard a little girl talking to someone else nearby.

‘You know what?’, she said. ‘I have grandparents. I have a little sister. I even have a dad. But I don’t have a mom.’

I heard this and saw the stunned look on the lady who was being addressed. My reaction was no different. The truth was we didn’t know how to react. I wish I had the presence of mind to give her a huge big hug. I wish!

Today, I remember this little girl. As my son brings to me the Mother’s day card he made for me. As my daughter hugs me and screams Happy Mother’s day. Today, I think of this little girl a lot more than otherwise. And I think of so many others like her.