Dear Ammu and Kuttan,

I know we are already on a mushy letters overload. I still write this because it’s a tradition that I don’t want to miss.

The last one year has been a roller coaster of sorts for all of us with both of you giving us one hell of a ride. (I know I shouldn’t use hell because ‘it’s a bad word, amma’! :p) Newer country. Newer culture. Newer language. Newer style of education. Newer friends. And, you still managed to give your best. While the other first graders started from the start line, the two of you started a few meters behind that line. And yet at end of the year, your teacher wrote that you are ‘exactly where you need to be’ and she is ‘so proud of the both of you’. I sent that teacher’s email to Appa and he replied with ‘after all, both of them are Star Students’. You know, he even used a smiley which he reserves for such ‘big’ events! 😉

There are times when I see you struggling with something and I wish I have a magic wand which can make me wrap you and keep you cocooned far away from this big bad world. But, the sane part of me knows that both of you are seven and beeeeg now. It is your time to fly. So go ahead and soar high, my kutties. Let not the sun or the rain deter you!

Happy birthday, little ones!

Lots and Lots of love,