So the last time I wrote about fitness, it was a crib fest. Even while I realized how much I was lagging behind in exercising, my son was making it clear my tummy was growing at an astronomical pace by constantly asking if it was a girl or boy inside. That’s when I decided enough was enough.

I hit the gym. With a vengeance. For about two months (March and April, to be precise) I was at the gym for one hour solid every damn day. No weekends. No excuses whatsoever. Even when the kids had their spring break, I would be at the gym from six in the morning and be back home before the husband left for work. I started off with the treadmill but found it a little difficult to up the pace in there. So I switched to the elliptical. There were days when I would increase the level to twenty and burn more than a thousand calories. Cycle, Surya Namaskar at home, a half completed abs challenge.. Those two months were the best months as far as fitness was concerned. I did lose about four kilos in those two months.

In two months, the initial euphoria vanished. And gym became a mundane activity. Yes, I was still going to the gym but not everyday. Four days a week which was still okay. When one fine day, I realized how pleasant the weather had become. And so began walking with a friend.

We began walking about two miles every day. And then while exploring our neighbourhood we realized a round trip which was exactly 4.85 miles was making us feel nice. But we couldn’t do it everyday. So three days a week was this trip and the remaining two were either rest days or two mile walks. Unlike the gym, this didn’t burn much calories but it did give a lot of freshness to my mornings.

Right now, I am in Madras (Happiness update – Brother is getting married! Yay!) and gorging on food like anything. I’ve already had half a dozen kalayana sapads (Happiness update 2 – kid cousin got married a couple of weeks ago! Yay!) and awaiting a dozen or more already. These two months aren’t going to do any good to my fitness and honestly, I don’t seem to care about it as much as I thought I would. I will sure go back to my base and begin the long walks and gym routine.

Over the last few months, this is what I learnt (and followed) about fitness –

– Diet is a big no-no for me. When I learnt about the brother’s wedding, I wanted to reduce weight as quickly as I could. So for a while I went on a no-rice diet and started craving rice like anything. Then, I went on a no sweets diet and started craving sweets like anything. All this craving only left me cranky and unhappy. Fat and happy sounded a better deal at the wedding than thin and unhappy. Which meant, I kicked these ‘diets’ out of my life.

– Our medical insurance was lapsing in the month of Febrary and so the husband insisted I get a full physical done. I reluctantly got it done (because I was super scared about my TSH and sugar levels) but when these came up normal, I was super elated. Yes.. I did want to lose weight to ‘look nice’ but beyond that bit of shallowness, I wanted to lose weight because I am genetically diabetic prone. When the medical results were in the positive, I realized exercising to keep fit and put ourselves through suffering to lose weight are two different things. I stopped doing the latter.

– We (as a family) started having dinner early. As early as 6.30 PM. Which meant, the gap between lunch and dinner reduced and we were able to eat moderate quantities of food instead of stuffing an overly hungry stomach. Plus, it did give us ample enough time between dinner and bed-time. Eating dinner this early didn’t make us hungry before bed as we thought it would. (Rarely, the husband would feel hungry and would grab some fruits before bed time and that’s it!)

– I stopped thinking about weight all the time. Or talking about it. Or comparing myself with others. Or making my happiness depend on it. At my cousin’s wedding, one relative looked at me and said, ‘you know.. you’ve become ‘healthy’. Apparently, healthy is PC for ‘losing weight’. I laughed him off. When I went to invite a friend’s mom for brother’s wedding, she couldn’t recognize me for sometime. ‘Auntie.. I am Indu’, I screamed. ‘I know’, she said, ‘I am just getting used to a plumper Indu’, she said. I laughed her off too. I am the same me but different people look at me differently. For some, I am fat. For some, I am not. For me, I’ve stopped caring about ‘looking healthy’; but am sure I’ll never stop caring about ‘being healthy’.