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It’s been so long and I’ve been missing this space like anything. I’ve been framing so many posts in my head but somehow none of them have made it here. So finally here I am with my most trusted blogger’s block breaker – Music.

I just ran a search through the blog with keyword as ‘Kabali’ and it came back with a ‘no results found’ breaking my heart into pieces. Kabali is an album that spells Santhosh more than Rajni and that is the success of the man (Santhosh I mean!) It’s not just the album, the entire OST is brilliant and quirky in equal measure just like any other Santhosh OST. I love love the entire album.

When the soundtrack first came out, Neruppu da was the one that kept me hooked. It does keep me hooked even now but now I am unable to decide which of the five songs is my favorite. But because I am the eternal melody fan, I think I will go with Maya Nadhi today. (I will sure come back with the rest later!) Also, because Pradeep and Ananthu and Shwetha Mohan.. Whattay trio! Also I love the guitar and violin portions in the middle; so much Santhosh and so not him! Also, Umadevi’s lyrics..

‘Neer vazhiye meengalai pol
En uravai naanizhanthen
Nee irunthum nee irunthum
Oru thuravai naanadainthen’

And this –
‘Desamellam aalugindra
Oru padaiyai naan adainthen
Kaalam enum veeranidam
En kodiyai naan izhanthen

Manaloorum mazhaiyaai
Madimeedhu vizha vaa vaa
Anai meerum punalaai
Maar saaindhu azhavaa’

And also Thalaivar and Radhika Apte’s acting in this song and the beautiful way in which the entire song was filmed. This will be a favorite song of mine for eternity!

But Thalaivar film means how can I stop with just one song. The next is Ulagam Oruvanukka. THE best opening song for Thalaivar in a long time. That Rajni Swag is evident in lyrics, music and the way it has been filmed. And that whistle by Vijay narain… Ppaaaah level only!

So well, I ran a search for Acham enbadhu madamaiyada and it came up only with Sid Sriram’s Thalli Pogathey. That album is another not-so-recent addiction of mine. I love love the songs except of course the highly questionable Showkali. (Is that even a song of ARR calibre?) Anyway, today will see not one but two songs from AYM.

First one is Rasaali. Simply because Sathya Prakash. Man, his voice.**swoons** The way he effortlessly moves the sogn from a light number to the classical athi thiru part! ❤ Also, Saasha Tripathi. I loved her rendition of Naane Varugiren from OK Kanmani (Again with that mesmerizing chinnanchiru chinnanchiru bit from Sathya!) In this song though, she outdoes herself with that Ninnukori part. Win from ARR!

One more song from AYM, just for the lyrics. You must’ve known by now. Avalum Naanum. Vijay Yesudas’ rendition is so romantic and melodic. Sigh. So is the violin bit in the middle. It’s the best in recent times. ARR has brought the old world charm beautifully well. But what takes the song to greater heights is the lyrics. Bharathidasan.

Aarum Karaiyum
Ambum Villum
Paatum Uraiyum
Naanum Avalum

Naanum Avalum
Uyirum Udambum
Narambum Yaazhum
Poovum Manamum.

So much love just reading the lyrics no?

Okay… These are all older songs. One new album that I am getting addicted to is Gibran’s Chennai2Singapore. Only after listening to the album did I realize how much I had missed Gibran’s music. There’s just so much variety in this album and each song is wonderful in its own way. But because I am partial toward melody, today I’ll post Suthasini’s version of Pogathey. (The Rajan Chelliah’s version of the same song is so so different and yet the same.. needless to say, it’s brilliant!)  Please do listen to this album.. it’s such a fun album!

That’s it for today. What are you listening to this Monday?