Fifteen months ago, we came here not knowing anything or anyone. When we leave Dallas in a couple of days, we go with many many friends and so many memories.

The Bengali neighbor who made sure we got their spare mattress ‘cos ours has been sold;

Many many many Mexican meals;

Ammu’s first grade teacher who came running to us after recognizing us in a fair despite a crying new-born;

The wonderfully fun last minute planned San Antonio trip;

The long lost friends of the husband who met with him after twenty odd years;

The Children’s museum in Houston;

The friend in the apartment who made us so much food when we were returning from India;

Our Kannada neighbors who insisted and helped our kids wear new clothes and light diya and sparklers on Diwali day ‘cos husband and I were busy packing;

The Uber driver who waited for me for a long time while I picked up a sick Ammu;

The wonderful friend who took care of Kuttan while I was at the doctor with Ammu;

Husband’s colleague who thoughtfully printed out a picture of us and put it in a beautiful frame to give us as a farewell gift;

Ms. E at the kid’s school office who’s been so kind and of so much help in getting the school paperwork done;

The Andhra neighbor who always took pictures of the kids at school and sent it to me;

The UPS people who carried more than ten boxes of our stuff one story down with that smile on their faces intact;

At least three friends who offered us their places to stay ‘cos our lease was getting over a day before we are leaving!

They say, ‘everything is big in Texas’. How true! Everything is big in Texas, including people’s hearts. Bye bye, Dallas. I’ll miss you so so much. Some day, we’ll meet. Until then, be well.