I’ve been having some really profound conversations with the kids these days. Yes, it’s breaking my heart that they are growing up and I am getting to have such adult-like conversations with them. What is making me even more sad is the fact that I am not recording them here for posterity purposes. Yesterday, I was sifting through my old blog reading through all those gibberish which my then two-year olds spouted and that’s when it hit me that I have nothing to look back to when they’ll be a little older.. So, here we are with two of our conversations from the last few months that I can remember!

Of girls and girls getting married

So this question came up sometime ago from one of them.

Ma.. Can a girl and a girl get married?

My immediate thought was to change topic. But then sense prevailed and realization dawned that this had to be answered at some point in time.

Yes. A girl and girl can get married.
**rolling eyes** Really ma?
It’s not that common but it does happen.
So, a boy and a boy can get married too?
But how, ma?
Listen, you are too young to understand that. Give it some more years’ time and we’ll talk about it in detail. Is that ok?
Yeah Ok.

Temporary relief. **breathes**


Of blacks, whites and all that’s in between


Do you dread these thoughtful loaded Ammas which your children call out from time to time? I do. Very much.

Ammmaaaa… Why do you hate G peripa?

I do have a reason to dread these things, don’t I? I did try to shrug it away and continue cleaning the counter. But such questions are to be persisted with, it seems.

Why do you hate G peripa, ma?

I take a deep breath.

What makes you think that I hate G peripa, kanna?
Because I heard you talking with Appa yesterday.

I do try to be careful about speaking in front of kids but some frustrations don’t seem to have the patience to wait. Apparently, I had made an error of judging someone within the vicinity of the son. And the consequences were bound to be borne. Sigh.

And what did I say?
That you don’t like him doing something.
Did I say I don’t like him or that I don’t like him doing something?
Don’t like him doing something?
Okay.. Do you hate Amma?
**skeptically** No.
Do you hate Amma yelling at you sometimes?
**emphatically** Yes.
Right. Do you hate Amma or do you hate Amma’s yelling?
Amma’s yelling.
So, do you see there’s a difference? That hating a person is different from hating something that a person does?
Which means…
Oh.. That you don’t hate peripa but you do hate something that he did. And that is okay?
It is. We do not always have to agree with each other. You don’t agree when I ask you to stop watching Jessie, right?
Yes. And can I watch Jessie for sometime?
There we go!

Explaining greys to seven year olds is a task alright!