And, we are back with Blogathon 2017! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am sure you’d have read R’s Mom’s post on the Blogathon. If you haven’t, here’s the link – So Who is In?ย And, that’s the question I am asking too – SO, WHO IS IN?

As of now, the below is the list of bloggers who have confirmed participation. I will keep updating this post as and when someone expresses interest to do this. Please do spread the word/share this post about the blogging marathon. The more the participation, the merrier the New Year will be!๐Ÿ™‚

1. R’s Mom –ย R’s Mom –ย readingthroughrsmind.wordpress.com
2. Tharani โ€“ Onarollercoasterride.. Ups and Downs of My life โ€“ onarollercoasterride.wordpress.com
3.ย BM โ€“ Bingoโ€™s Mom โ€“ย momsince27.wordpress.com
4.ย SS โ€“ Summer Script โ€“ summerscript.wordpress.com
5.ย Greenboochi โ€“ From the editions of greenboochi.. reflection of my life โ€“ย editionsofgreenboochi.wordpress.comย andย cookingfromheart.com
6. Ani โ€“ Between me and my littles โ€“ย anisnest.wordpress.com
7. RS โ€“ lifeslittletwists โ€“ย lifeslittletwists.wordpress.com
8. Seema – Anecdotes of Two-riffic twins –ย seemabbas.wordpress.com
9.ย Boomeranged Memories โ€“ boomerangedmemories.wordpress.com
10.ย More than Words โ€“ my life n thoughts –ย mylifenthoughts.wordpress.com
11.ย Sadhuvi โ€“ sadhuvi.wordpress.com
12. Sangi – Life and times in Bangalore – lifeandtimesinbangalore.wordpress.com
13. Seema – Endeavours –ย myendeavours.blogspot.com
14. Popgoesthebiscuit –ย popgoesthebiscuit.wordpress.com
15. Deepika – Just like that –ย dipisblog.blogspot.in
16. Pepper – A dash of Pepper –ย pepperedthoughts.wordpress.com
17. Freaky Veggie – Just bliss and little more –ย justblissandlittlemore.wordpress.com
18. Prachee – Happiness Cannot be Owned.. Share it to feel it –ย admiringlifedaybyday.wordpress.com
19. Shashi – The Twin Fish –ย thetwinfish.blogspot.com
20. pattybaby06 – Chill with Sri –ย chillwithsri.wordpress.com
21. Paatiamma –ย paatiamma.wordpress.com
22. Kinmin – Sunshine and Rainbows –ย kinminsworld.wordpress.com
23. Sowmya – The Little Red Writing Pen –ย littleredwritingpen.wordpress.com
24. journeyofmythoughts – journeyofmythoughts –ย journeyofmythoughts.wordpress.com
25. kavi2050 – The life of K –ย thelifeofk.com
26. Meena – Balcony Sunrise –ย balconysunrise.wordpress.com
27. Divya – The world in my eyes –ย divyachatty.wordpress.com
28. aarya – She speaks a little too much –ย keepcalmandjustwrite.wordpress.com
29. Ramya – Sweet Mixture –ย sweeetmixture.blogspot.com
30. Sigdi Jan –ย https://sigdijan.wordpress.com/
31. Kavita Parvathi – Kavi’s take – http://kavisthoughts.blogspot.in/

If you wish to join in or Iโ€™ve inadvertently left out your name from the list (sorry!), please drop in comment to this post expressing your interest and I shall update the list here accordingly. You can also email me atย mommydreamy@gmail.comย and Iย can add your name in this post.

There we go. Totally looking forward to thirty-one days of madness! ๐Ÿ˜€