2016. I am trying to fix a word that perfectly describes what 2016 was for me. Happiness. Confusion. Travel. Stress. It had a bit of everything; just like every other year. However, if there is one thing that remained constant throughout the year, it was change. Change.

It took the first quarter of 2016 for us to adjust to Dallas. While this was happening, simultaneously we were preparing for a wedding back home in India. The brother got married which in turn sent in motion a few otherย changes in the family. While we were coming to terms with this, the husband dropped the bombshell that we were moving again; just when we started loving Dallas. And now, after almost two months into the new city, we are adjusting to the weather, school, people and everything else in a new place. New Jersey!

It’s become a norm now that we move every year. Sigh. There was a time when I feared change. Then came a time when I craved change. Slowly now, I am becoming immune to change. Packing and living out of a box seems to be the order of the day and I don’t seem to mind it.

Like for the past few years, I wish to cling on to one word (or rather two) for 2017. Letting go. Letting go of mistakes. Letting go of my fears. Letting go of past baggage. Letting go of people who no longer prefer to be a part of my life. Letting go of stress. Letting go of kids (to the extent to which I can). Just letting go.

On that note, happy happy 2017 folks. Mayย this year be all what you wishย it to be!