Okay.. Today is Neyar Viruppam day. So Maya double happy, annachi! 🙂

Tharani‘s Kakakapo from Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum comes first. This was one of my top three movies of 2016. (I’ll write about it in a separate post, okay!) Kakakapo was a very SaNaish (quirky in other words) song but as usual, very likeable.

Next up, Raaja saar. Ani wanted one kuthu song from Tharai Thappattai. Personally for me the goosebumps-inducing kuthu song of TT is the theme. It’s got so much rural flavor and Raaja has kuthified like only he can. Heh.

Summerscript gave me three choices and I chose the first one she gave. Kannai Katti from Iruvar. (I wanted to post ARR songs on his 50th birthday but somehow didn’t. So thought I’ll at least pick his song from ss’ choices!) Anyway, I like the very MGRish tune. Mano Hariharan’s (Thanks, ss for pointing it out!) voice fits so well. And also, Vairamuthu’s lyrics are so pertinent.

And last but not the least, Bingo’s mom. **applause** She wants Pani vizhum malar vanam from Ninaivellam Nithya. SPB and Raaja is best combo on the face of mother earth. What else is there to say!

Well.. Have a happy rest of the week, folks! 🙂