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I’ve never been a big fan of animated movies. That is, until Ammu and Kuttan came into our lives. After that, our life became cartoonised. (It’s ok.. I just made up that word!) Before full-length movies became the norm in our household, we were glued to a few shows. See, I said ‘we’. I have a lot of favorite animated TV shows. And, animated movies. So today, I’ll list my top ten of both combined.

  1. Peppa Pig. One of my earliest and most favorite shows is Peppa Pig. A cute pig family and all the happenings in their household forms the basis. Nothing earth shattering like saving the earth happens in here. But, it is so cutely relateable that once we start watching we’d never stop.
  2. Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom. This is a show about a tiny elf kingdom. Holly is a princess with magical powers but they go awry in almost every episode. Ben, an elf is Holly’s best friend and he helps her sort things out. My favorite character is Gaston, the lady bird! 🙂
  3. Charlie and Lola. Charlie is the big brother to his 4-year-old sister Lola. He teaches her day-today things and it is so adorable to watch this pair. (Apart from TV shows, there are cute little books of Charlie and Lola that are available too!)
  4. Frozen. Yes, the much acclaimed Frozen has been played in our home at least a few dozen hundred times. Yet, I still sit with these kids and watch it through out. I love love Anna’s character although my daughter is (still a little!) obsessed with Elsa. But if you ask me who my favoritest of the lot is, then of course it will be the cuteness-overloaded Olaf!
  5. Penguins of Madagascar. The first ever movie that the kids watched in the theater. And asked questions like this.
  6. Sofia, the first. Again a TV show that I grew to like. Sofia is not just another princess. She becomes a princess overnight when her mother marries King Roland II. How she adjusts to being in the royal household and with her step brother and sister forms the plot of almost every episode. She defies gender and class stereotypes so nonchalantly and that’s why Sofia is my favorite.
  7. Inside Out. I can’t call this a kid’s movie. It’s a movie every adult should watch. It’s about a seven year old girl called Riley who moves from Minnesota to San Francisco. The movie brings out her emotions (joy, sadness, anger, disgust and fear – each a separate character with a defined shape and voice!) she goes through as she tries to adapt to these changes. The concept of emotions emoting as animated characters itself was so innovative. My favorite was joy, of course. Amy Poehler’s voiceover was the best!
  8. Zootopia. Again, an animated movie for adults. Zootopia is animal utopia where prey and predators all live in harmony. Or so does Judy Hopps, a bunny who has just graduated to be in ZPD thinks. Until she meets Nick Wilde, a fox who hustles her on the first day of work. How she and Nick become friends and uncover the mystery of predators suddenly turning wild forms the rest of the story. You know why you SHOULD NOT MISS this movie at any cost? For the 3 minute laugh riot of a scene featuring the sloth in the DMV!
  9. Home. This is a film that Ammu and I watch on Netflix often. But before we switch it on, we never forget to keep a box of tissues next to us. Heh. The Boovs from another planet apparently run away from their enemy Gorg and settle in Earth calling it their ‘home’. Out of which, one Boov called Oh socializes with a girl called Tip and helps her find her mother, Lucy. The interactions and bond between these two and the final rescue of the Boovs from Gorg forms the rest of the film. Such an emotional movie this!
  10. Octonauts. Again a TV show that my son and I used to love. It’s an underwater adventure series with an Octopod and eight adventurers undersea. So much learning can be done from this show. (Somehow, I find British make the best TV shows for kids!)

Well, there we go. That’s my top ten. What are your favorite animated TV shows and movies?