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… or in other words, cheat post.

We’re just back from the Liberty Science Center. We love interactive science museums. We’ve been to the ones in Houston, Dallas and Fort Worth. So when the husband said it’s been two months since we moved in and not one science museum has been visited, we jumped at the opportunity.

We all love driving through downtowns. Any. The kids’Β favorite (before New York, that is) was Austin. The Capitol hill surrounded by those pretty tall buildings make for a beautiful sight. Today as we were driving, the Manhattan skyline appeared on our side. ‘I wish I could get a job in New York City,’, I sighed. ‘Me too,’ claimed the daughter and we laughed. But that’s how much these kids (and I) love New York City. Anyway, I digress because that’s for another post.

So, the science center was fun. My favorite was the lab experiment which we did together and got our tests right. There was a skyscraper exhibit where the kids enjoyed a bit like tight-rope walking on a narrow path. We watched a 3D movie on asteroids which we enjoyed. The dad and daughter did a simulator ride while the son and me made parachutes with paper and tape and had fun throwing them to land at a particular spot. Rock climbing, bubble making, obstacle courses were all done with so much enthusiasm.

I’ll stop with this because I am incredibly tired because of all the… you might want to think walking but no.. because of the food that I stuffed myself with.

We were vetoed against opting to eat Indian food by the two Italian food fanatics in the family. So, the husband promptly looked up a quaint little Italian bistro near by and we stuffed ourselves like anything. Bread. Salads. Stuffed mushrooms (the stuffing was the best I’ve had ever!) Garlic bread (again, one of the bests!) Eggplant Parm. Spaghetti with Alfredo sauce, a part of which is sitting right across and staring at me from the takeout box.

But all this was nothing compared to what was eaten in the end. Tiramisu. The King, Queen, Monarch, Prince, Princess, Everything of Desserts. That is Tiramisu. That’s all your honor!