Okay.. 2017 has started off okay in the book front. I’ve read three books until now and that’s a big leap from the pathetic 2016 I had in terms of books. So, the two books I’ve read are from familiar authors; authors that I love.

The first book I read was Shopaholic to the Stars by Sophie Kinsella. This is a part of her much acclaimed Shopaholic series. I had read Confessions of a Shopaholic, Shopaholic ties the knot and Shopaholic takes Manhattan earlier. This is my fourth although this book is the seventh in the series. Okay, now Shopaholic series is a secret indulgence of mine. There’s nothing earth shattering about these books. It’s about a shopaholic (duh!) called Becky (Rebecca) Brandon who gets into trouble because of her foolishness and finally comes out of it. That’s almost the plot of all these books except that the setting changes every time. This book is no different.

Becky goes to stay in LA because her husband’s (Luke Brandon) work has transferred her to the place. She wants to become a stylist for Hollywood actors but she gets stuck in the fame and politics of the Hollywood world. Not only her, but her friend Suze and her husband Tarkein too get entangled in this web. How she comes out of it is the rest of the book.

Although I knew how this book was going to end, I still went ahead and read through the night to finish it off. Closure! But I didn’t know Kinsella had kept the ending to the next (and the last) book in the series. Sigh. Now I have to hunt for that book. Anyway, how much did I like this book? It was okay. Not like I expected. I even lost interest midway through the book which has never happened with a Kinsella book till now. So well, it’s an okay book. Read if you are a Kinsella fan!

The other book I read was The White Queen by Phillipa Gregory. This is a book that precedes the Tudor novels of Gregory. This book is the first of the Plantagenet novels by Phillipa Gregory.

It’s about how Elizabeth Woodwille, a Lancastarian widow makes the King of England, Edward IV fall in love with her, marries him and schemes to get all her family members a part of the court and a part of the kingdom’s fortune. In the course of this, she makes a lot of high profile enemies. How she overcomes all the hurdles to remain queen and how she plots to bring her son(s) and daughter to the throne after King Edward’s death forms the story.

Witchcraft, treason, treachery, conquests – all this fills the book in Gregory’s signature flowery prose. Yet. Yet, this is not Gregory’s best. I’ve read a bunch of her novels and in my opinion this ranks the last. If you are a historical fiction lover, pick this up.