My gym buddy and I go to the gym four days every week… to talk about food. Yesterday, this girl made me salivate for thengai paal sadham that I opened the coconut milk can without the help of a can opener or the husband and made it (along with tomato kurma) for dinner. The fact that the others in the house didn’t appreciate it as much as I did only made it easy for me to eat the entire thing. Go, Indu! #GymBuddyAmaivadhellam

I have a question to ask food bloggers. Actually, two. No, three.
1. How do you make the right quantity of a different variety of food everyday? Won’t you have leftovers?
2. How do you manage to eat all this lip-smacking-food without guilt?
3. How do you have the energy to clean up all the dishes after the ‘photo-ops’?

There’s one number gulab jamun dabba sitting and staring at me from the cupboard for the last three days now. I don’t know how to say no to it because it’s asking so ‘sweet’ly yaa! #SorryNotSorry

I am going to focus this year on making and eating Mediterranean food. Falafals, hummus, tahini, pita bread, baba ganoush… You know why I made this resolution? There’s a small but brilliant falafal place near by. Even if I fail in the first part of ‘making’ the food, I can always fulfill the second and most important ‘eating’ part by going there. Really, the food is cheap and is super delicious! You want the address? #FocusIsVeryImportant

An hour ago, I googled frantically for motivational videos on ‘How to control yourself from eating away the Halloween haul of your kids?’ but unfortunately I didn’t find any. Which made me even more anxious and I found a Twix bar to combat the anxiety! #StopMeSomeone

Anyway, I got to go and eat lunch. Nothing much. Just rice, ghee, keerai kootu, kathirikkai podi potta kari, rasam, curd and kothamalli thokku. Bye then!