Listen.. Both of you come here.
**they assemble after a five minute discussion on how some app in their chromebook is dispensing golden stars to everyone**
What ma?
I’ve been screaming for the last half hour to tidy up the place. At least for me to stop the screaming you could do it, right?
You were screaming, Amma?
**I try to continue as if no mann ottified in my meesai** Why are you never listening to me? What can I do to make you listen to me? Why do you always continue doing your work but not what I say?
Because what we do is fun, ma. You always ask us either tidy up or hang the clothes or eat something healthy. All these are chores. But what we’re doing like watching TV, playing games is all fun, ma. You tell me.. which one will you do?

Be right back, because now in #IndhaAsingamUnakkuThevaiya mode!


Amma.. M has a crush on…
**wondering if this boy has time-travelled ten years to be seventeen now**Β What exactly do you mean by crush da?
**daughter grinning from the other side ** You don’t know what crush means? Really, Amma?
No, I don’t!
Crush means love, ma.
Okay, then.


Amma.. What exactly does divorce mean?
Do you want to eat idli-podi?

Two days later…
Amma.. You still haven’t answered my question.
What is a divorce?
Shall I make Nutella pancakes for breakfast?

Two more days later…
Chocolate ice cream, anyone?

And, life goes on!


Do you love me or hate me?
Somewhere in the middle, Amma.

Somewhere in the middle is my new catchphrase!