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– Today is Holocaust Memorial day. I woke up to a couple of Twitter threads on the Holocaust and shuddered reading through them. Every time I read about the events that unfolded then, it makes me aghast at how low human beings can stoop to.

– This morning, the kids wanted to video-call their grandparents. I generally try to hide myself from the camera (you know why!) I tried to do the same today as well but somehow a part of me was shown on camera. First, my mom saw me and remarked that I’ve lost weight. A little while later, my paati came to talk to the kids, saw me inadvertently and asked ‘if I wasn’t feeling well because I’ve lost weight’. I should ideally be happy but I know I’ve only gained a couple of pounds over the last month. If you want evidence, you can ask my gym buddy.

– Talking about gym buddy, not a day goes by without me thinking about how blogging is such a blessing. We talk a lot about internet trolls but what we need to equally talk about is how we’ve built friendships over the years because of the same big-bad-internet. I don’t think I would’ve made so many friends all around the world if not for the internet. These friends, who are there for me whenever I am down, who rejoice when I am happy, who give me practical advice when I need them, who really don’t expect anything in return for their time and love. I am so so blessed to have found blogging and all you guys out there.

– It’s Allez Vs. Vamos, I mean Roger Vs. Rafa at the Australian Open this weekend. Also, Venus Vs. Serena. Do you know the four finalists have a total of 60 grandslam titles among them? Out of which, Serena has the highest of 22! It doesn’t matter who wins (except I really wish Fed wins!), it’s so nice to know thirties are the new twenties. That that person, that that problem!

– I’ve been binge watching ‘How I met your mother?’ for the last few days now. I should say I am kind of liking it.

– Today is one of those days when a lot of questions are haunting me. I am trying to find answers for these but apparently it isn’t as easy.  I hope in due course some of these questions get answered. How much ever I hope, I also do know that I’ll have to live with a lot of unanswered questions too.