I watched quite a few movies in 2016.

One of the movies that I really loved watching in 2016 was Aandavan Kattalai. The entire plot of the story, although supposedly an extremely depressing subject, was treated with so much humor. Right from the name of the girl (Kaarmegakkuzhali, what a lovely name!) to Vijay Sethupathi’s casual acting to Nasser’s drama troupe to Yogi Babu’s character to not meaning to sermonize about the subject. There was nothing to not like about the film.

The other movie that I really enjoyed watching was Kadhalum Kadandhu Pogum. It was a very slow film but it never felt like it. The relationship between Vijay Sethupathi and Madonna Sebastian was depicted so wonderfully avoiding cliches as much as possible. And both of them played their parts like pros. Especially Madonna for being just a few films old. Props to SaNa’s BGM and the much catchy KaKaKaPo.

Kabali. I went into this film with so many negative reviews coming mostly from social media. My expectations wasn’t as much as it would generally be for a Thalaivar movie. But honestly, I still don’t understand the large amount of negative reactions for the movie. I watched it twice and I loved it. Let’s face it, it wasn’t a typical Rajni movie but some portions of it (the introduction part and the climax) were total paisa vasool for us. But otherwise too it had Ranjith written over it. The subtle messages about Dalit oppression, the construction of the Johnny character, the Malaysian backdrop and their beautiful Tamil – it was all typical Ranjith. Also, SaNa’s songs and BGM was his best till now. The fact that Thalaivar acted his age (that too, he was semma in the first part, no) and he actually was given a wife and daughter who were strong willed characters were unknown of until now. What exactly were these critics thinking I really don’t know!

Now that I’ve written about the good movies of 2016, let me tell you about the movies that I hated watching. Rajni Murugan and Remo. I really like SivaKarthikeyan. Which is why I fall prey to watching his cliched, unfunny, torturous movies even though I know I would never like them. I am seriously **this** close to hating him unless he starts choosing scripts that don’t assume that the average viewer is dumber than a second grader.

While I at least finished watching Rajni Murugan and Remo, I couldn’t even stand more than half hour of Kashmora. Yes, yes.. I still am a fan of Karthi but that film was.. well, a typical Karthi film. Local language, cheap jokes and nothing engageable. But hey.. Mani saar’s Kaatru Veliyidai is on the way to revive his career.. or so I hope. After all, hope is all we Karthi’s fans have!