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Today is Vidyasagar day. One of my favorite but underrated music directors in Tamil Cinema.

Iruvizhiyo siragadikkum from Pirivom Sandhippom. This is one of my favorite songs. I ❤ Saindhavi’s voice in this song. The best part of this song are the visuals. The entire Karaikkudi side weddings are captured so beautifully.

Thaalattum Kaatre Vaa from Poovellam Un vaasam. The entire song is set to the beats of a running train. Shankar Mahadevan’s voice just about give the right amount of sadness and feeling to the song. And Vairamuthu’s lyrics is filled with so much romance you can’t suppress a smile when listening to the song.

Poi solla koodathu from Run. It’s one of my eternally favorite songs. The tune, the lyrics, the location it was shot are all so beautiful. Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam would’ve carried off this masterpiece so well.

Azhagiya poigaL pookkum poochedi kandean
Ragasiyamaga uyiraiththondi padhiyam pottu kondean

Buck buck buck from Paarthiban Kanavu. This is Vidyasagar’s complete package film. All the songs in the movie are super nice. I particularly like this song because it has three time periods covered. Although we can differentiate the music based on the time period, Vidyasagar ties it up all so well. Props to Karu Pazhanippan for the idea and the way it was shot.

Un samayalaraiyil from Dhill. A typical Vidyasagar melody sung beautifully by Sujatha Mohan and Unni Krishnan. The lyrics of the song was a rage when it released. I particularly like ‘Nee pudhumai endral naan Barathi yaa Barathidasan a’.

Well.. That’s it for this Monday. Have a happy rest of the week, you guys! 🙂