One more year. One more blog marathon.

It’s been fun these past four weeks thinking up topics to write about every day, waking up wondering if I’ll make it today, feeling bad for the people who come here looking for something to ‘read’… Erm, let’s just say it’s been fun on most days.

I’ve been doing this Blogthon for four years now (the first year I gave up midway!) and has it become easy? A little, yes. Like I was telling Ani the other day, a couple of years ago I used to fret about finding something to write or about missing a deadline. This year, I didn’t feel that anxiety about not finding something to write. Have I grown upย gotten used to it? A little, yes.

But more importantly, I’ve learnt to write nonsensical posts. I don’t think I did justice to this space on all the days. About forty percent of my posts are fillers and I wish Iย could’ve written better. Maybe, next year. What? We are doing the blogathonย next year too, aren’t we?

Aaah.. Let’s talk about that next year. Now, yay to all of you who were sportive enough to join in despite the mundanity of life. Whether we did it through the thirty days or bravely gave it a try come what may, here’s to all of us.

Party time!