I’ve been meaning to do a music post every Monday now. However, I **had** to post today. Music of one recently released album has made me realize that if I don’t post today, there’s no point in doing Musical Mondays whatsoever.

The album is Power Pandi. The man is Sean Roldan.

The music of this album is like someone caressing you lightly and silently wishing away all your worldly worries. Like I said on Twitter, the music is Raajaesque; but with a firm RR stamp.

The Life of Power Pandi, that is, Vaanam Parandhu Paarka. The title song. It’s one title song I really really enjoyed after a long time. (For some reason I kept getting Enge Pogudho Vanam from Kochadaiyaan vibes. Probably, the word ‘vaanam’ did it!) Ananthu’s voice is so caressing that it is so apt for the lyrics as sung by a grandfather. To my utter horror, the song is written by Selvaraghavan. The guy who wrote ‘adi da avala’ has written – ‘kaatru mazhaiyil modhalaam; andha kadalil saeralaam; indha kuzhandhai koottathil; ivanum thendralae.’ Sigh.

The Mass of Power Pandi. Soorakaathu. Such a fun song this. Sung and written by Dhanush, it is so reminiscent of some of Raaja’s folk opening songs. The beat is so catchy you can’t help but shake a leg.

The Youth of Power Pandi. Paarthen. Paarthen screams Raaja with a capital S. Sung by Sean Roldan and Swetha Mohan, it transports you back to the 80s Raaja. The way it begins with the flute and meanders through – this song is such a pleasure to listen to.

Power Pandi, the Nomad. Veesum Kaathoram. I’ve never been a big fan of Anthony Dasan’s singing but this song suits him aptly along with Sean Roldan himself. The way they compliment each other it’s like a ping-pong match where both players shuttle the ball effortlessly between each other. The way the song moves from the first interlude to the charanam is so so good.

The Romance of Power Pandi. Venpani Malare. My most most favorite song of the album. So much 80s Raaja right from the beginning violin to the interludes. You have to listen to it to feel the goosebumps. There are two versions of this song. One by Shwetha Mohan and the other by Sean Roldan himself. I like both equally but I tilt a little towarads the Roldan version because his voice has that soul only he has. The ‘kaatril parakkum’ part that keeps repeating is just God level.

And Dhanush has written the lyrics. What a leap from Kolaveri to this-
Thediya tharunagal ellam
Thediye varugirathE
Thegathin surukkangal ellam

Take a bow, Sean Roldan.

Here’s the jukebox of the songs.