Dinner time conversations are the best. Yesterday, I was sulking about something (what’s new, anyway!) and the son was trying to make me laugh. I feigned anger and continued to prod him to eat. He turned his attention to his dad.

Pa.. You know Control+C is copy and Control+V is paste?
Oh wow. You know that?
(Daughter chiming in) Yes, pa. Amma taught us this.
We can use this Control C Control V thing in power point presentations too, right ma?
(I nod.)
(Husband smiling) Oh well.. You know quite a bit about computers. You know what you should do this summer? You should start looking to intern in some office.
(Very innocently) Oh wow. That’s all you do everyday at work pa? Control C and control V?

We both burst out laughing and kept laughing at the ‘truth’ for a long long time while the son and daughter kept wondering what was so funny about it.


I get a call from my neighbor asking to send the kids on a play date. Son had homework yet to do while daughter had none. I told the neighbor I’ll send them in sometime. The daughter took the phone from me and wanted to talk to this neighbor boy. I could hear only one side of the conversation…

My teacher is awesome you know. She doesn’t give me any home work. But, A still has reading to do.
No.. I can’t come now. A will feel sad that he’s not playing but doing his homework, no?
Yaa. I will come after he finishes his work, ok? Bye!

It wasn’t really difficult to figure out the other side of the conversation. I just smiled and silently sent a thankful prayer to God.