Day 31 | Snippets


I am happy today because :

– Christmas tree is up at home, finally.

– Survived a visit to the dentist with just the cleaning and no cavities.

– Drove for the first time on a highway (even though it was only for a few miles)

– Spent a couple of hours at school volunteering for the holiday boutique.


Day 30 | Fitness


Lately, I’ve been slacking on my fitness. Lately must be about six odd months. Somehow I’ve been telling myself that it is okay to slack.

The thing is this. I’ve been off sugar for the last five months. Well, mostly, if we don’t consider the innumerable cheat days in between. So giving that as an excuse I’ve been gorging on everything else apart from sugar.

Being away from sugar hasn’t been that difficult for me. Except for the sugar in coffee and tea, skipping sugar wasn’t as cumbersome as I anticipated. Now, I have kind of accepted that coffee without sugar isn’t that bad. (Tea is a different story though. I still need sugar in tea, which means I have tea once in fifteen days or so.)

Okay, this sugar story was why I didn’t quite care about what I put other than sugar in my mouth. A couple of days ago, while at the GP for a full physical, she looked at my weight with alarm. ‘Look, we are South Indians. We need to watch the amount of carbohydrate intake,’ she said. ‘But but, am off sugar’, I protested. ‘It’s good that you are off sugar. But it does nothing to your weight. Watch your carbs!,’ she warned and vanished from the room.

Over the last five months, I have lost about 8 pounds by just being away from sugar. But I guess I am compensating it by eating much else. The husband has been warning me against my comatose state for quite a while now. ‘Do you remember that we are wasting money on that gym membership?’

Finally, today I decided enough is enough. It was probably the repeated reminders from the husband. Or maybe, the much needed push from the GP. I got up and drove to a one hour Tai Chi class at my gym. I was clumsy to the core and my stamina was dwindling as the class progressed. But in the end I survived. For that, I am happy.

I’ve resolved (for the time being) to attend these classes at least twice a week. And well, watching the carbs, that’s my real challenge. Let’s see how far I go. Wish me luck people!

Day 29 | First


There’s an un-containable joy in experiencing anything, small or big, for the first time. Something as simple as cooking a new dish. Or, getting acquainted with the characters of a book. Or, even listening to a music track for the first time. Slowly but surely as we get a hang of things, we take them for granted. But the first time is always special because we don’t know what is coming. How the dish will taste? What the character in the book is going to do next? Or, will the violins and flute create the melody that we anticipate?

Today, for the first time, I am getting to experience the music of Aruvi. I’ve been hearing so much about this album and yet somehow have missed listening to it all this while. But finally I made amends today and I am extremely glad I did. The songs are fresh; there’s nothing filmy about it. I am getting reminded of SaNa and Sean Roldan but only for the freshness and nothing else.

For me, songs are like people. It takes time to get to know them. Sometimes, first impressions may be skewed or plain wrong. Understanding them in depth, the bass, accordions, trumpets, violins et all more often than not make us change our opinions. One of the reasons this world is still sane is because of good music. The joy it brings is just unparalleled. And, that’s the joy that I am experiencing today.

I am still getting to know this extremely well orchestrated album. Please do give it a listen. You will not be disappointed. Bindu Malini and Vedanth Baradwaj are here to stay!

Day 28 | Bread


Today for the first time I baked bread. (Well, I don’t want to count the one time I started and the yeast didn’t get activated and I gave up at that!) It’s been on my radar for quite a while but somehow my inhibitions got the better of my ambitions.

I was angry about some abstract thing in the morning and wanted to take it out somewhere. Of course the husband got the first course but there was more anger left. Which became bread apparently.

Today’s recipe is courtesy GB. Her blog has become my go-to cooking blog. Her recipes are varied and and fail safe. What more, I can bug her over WhatsApp asking stupid questions to which she patiently replies. Thank you GB! You are awesome!

There’s another person I have to mention here. Seema. About 4 years ago, I was so scared to go anywhere near the oven. She sent me a recipe of a basic chocolate cake with detailed instructions and so much encouragement. I still have those emails intact and I love reading them. Every time I go near the oven, I think of her. EVERY TIME. Hugs Seema!

So, these are some pictures of the bread. The bread was a little denser than I anticipated but then I’d take it for the first try. Today I am happy that I conquered the yeast demon. Yay!!


Day 27 | Film


Meyadha Maan.

I’ve been wanting to see this film after reading Baradwaj Rangan’s review. But even before that, I love the music of the film. Santhosh Narayanan and Pradeep have created a beautiful collection of songs. My favorite of the lot is of course Megamo Aval. Pradeep’s voice literally caresses the song. The last part of the song is my favorite. It’s so beautiful I don’t really know how to put it in words.

Today, I watched the film. It’s not a masterpiece or anything but it was quite engaging. The characters, every one of them, stood out for me. And the casting was oh so perfect. A few chuckles here and there and the music made this film what it is.

I never thought Vaibhav could act so well. He did resemble Arya in a few scenes but you can really fit him in that Idhayam Murali character. Vivek Prasanna fit to the T as Vinoth. To have two important female characters predominantly Tamil speaking is such a rarity these days. Priya Bhavani Shankar (looks a little like poor man’s Trisha, no?) was again accurately cast as Madhu. Indhuja as Sudarvizhi was brilliant too. I can’t recall the last time hero’s sister was so central to a film.

It’s a good romcom to indulge in once in a while. Watch off!

Day 26 | Survive


I went to bed with a massive headache last night. I assumed a good night’s sleep would make it vanish. Apparently not. I woke up this morning to figure out that it stayed intact. I tried to shoo it away with coffee and axe oil but it refused to budge. So I just went to the kids’ bed and lay down in between them.

They heard me and woke up. I told them I was completely down and they need to come through with getting themselves ready, packing their lunch and fixing up their breakfast.

It took them some time to come out of their sleepiness but in the end they did what was expected of them. They got ready with a very few reminders from me. They toasted their breads, smeared it with jam and filled their lunch boxes. I have no clue till now what they carried for snacks. They heated the milk and had their cereal and oats. The daughter even combed her hair by herself and got ready on time. They were even ready to go to the bus stop by themselves but I didn’t want to let them go alone. I steeled myself up, had a tylenol and dropped them at the bus stop.

I am constantly worried about the independence of the kids because I am at home hand holding them most of the time. The fact that, today, they weathered through the routine with minimal help from an adult makes me a little relieved. And well, my headache has subsided a little and I hope it doesn’t return to haunt me again.

Day 25 | Practice


During summer, the kids started going to music classes simply because they were bored and their friends were learning it too. To my amazement and surprise, they started enjoying it as well.

I used to tag along with the kids and ended up befriending the teacher and a few fellow parents. A couple of months ago, they had to perform in a temple nearby. The teacher asked if parents would like to perform too. While a few parents volunteered, I stayed clear because of self doubts and lack of confidence. But the teacher knew I had learnt music and insisted that I join in. After a lot of persuasion, I did join in and have never felt more happier.

The two weeks leading up to the performance was extreme fun with practice sessions. Big Boss gossips were traded in between the serious aigiri nandini singing. Upmas were had in between Ganesh Pancharatnams. The performance itself turned out pretty okay given that we didn’t practice much. That performance paved the way for the six of us in the group to become good friends. We met for various golus and sang and ate and generally had fun.

Now, after about a month or so of hibernation, we are getting back together for another performance next month. My WhatsApp has been buzzing with when to meet and what to sing. It’s going to be a hectic couple of weeks but I am so glad I am a part of it.

If not for that paatu teacher and a friend who insisted that I give it a try, I wouldn’t have experienced the joy that comes with singing.  I am truly blessed to be surrounded by people who believe in me more than I do in myself.

Day 24 | Amaidhi


Today has been ‘back to the grind’ day. Problems and laundry all staring in the face after a wonderful four days with friends and cousins. Well, life!

So this morning while I scrolled through my Twitter TL, it was filled with the words ‘amaidhi amaidhi’. After some scrolling and researching, it led me to this video of Shin Chan.

I’ve watched it at least a fifteen times and honestly, I haven’t laughed like this in ages.

My go-to phrase hereafter is going to be this – Amaidhi amaidhi. Amaidhyo Amaidhi. Amaidhikkellam Amaidhi. Thank you, Shin Chan.

Day 23 | Birth


Nothing can bring happiness like the news of the birth of a baby.

Our neighbor delivered a baby boy yesterday. She had two painful miscarriages before this and her pregnancy was considered high risk. The fact that her delivery was without any complications added to the relief and happiness.

They are coming home tomorrow and we all can’t wait to see the little one!